Cosleeping With The Dog

Every time I post a cute picture like this one or talk about sleeping with Daisy in the bed, it freaks out one of my friends. She is a dog person through and through but is adamant about one thing – you don’t sleep with your dogs.

Apparently cosleeping with your dog in the bed is as big an online hotbed of political correctness as cosleeping with your baby.

“If you want your dog to treat you as the master, don’t let them sleep in your bed.” I guess I get this argument but I don’t care. When Daisy, our 45-pound English Bulldog wants to snuggle, I can’t resist.

Ever since she was a little puppy, she loves to get under the covers with us. We never had a dog before that liked to do that and Daisy is pushy and OCD about it. She will scratch at the covers until you lift them and then has the same routine every time. She squiggles down under the sheets to the bottom of the bed like a sandworm from Dune. First stop is my feet where she lays down, usually for just a minute and rubbed her heads across my ankles. She then works her way up to my stomach, putting her head on my belly. Last stop is under my arm. She will forcefully nudge my arm away from my body if I’m not paying enough attention and then worming her way into my armpit where she sleeps the rest of the night.

This is one reason why we call her the princess.

“Dogs are dirty.” They’re not dirty if you wipe them off and take them to the groomers regularly. Besides, our Bulldogs are not great outdoor adventurers. Our backyard grass is about as far as they go.

“You can’t sleep properly. They will wake you up.” Have you ever seen a Bulldog sleep? It’s like the dead, except for a pee break at 3 a.m. which sounds like all of us as we get older.

The most important reason that I let Daisy sleep in bed is because I love it. She is soft and warm like a hot water bottle, laying on my stomach, and she is accepting of my hugs and love when I need to give them.

I love it as much as she does. We’re quite a pair, us girls, and I wouldn’t give this up for the world.


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