In Defense Of Selfie Culture

At a recent sales conference, the table next to us at the expo was giving away selfie sticks. The two men talking to me at the time glanced disdainfully down at the pile. 

“Who takes pictures of themselves like that?” the one asked.

“Selfish horrible people, that’s who,” the other sneered.

What a pair of grumpy puritanical goats, I thought as they continued their diatribe about selfie culture and its contribution to the downfall of western civilization.

When I look at my Instagram account or Facebook page and see selfies from my friends or family, I see joy. People sharing moments that made them happy or were significant in some way to them.  People being with friends or idols and being inspired enough to take out their camera phones.

As to the kids who post selfies, is it the end of our world? No, I see those who are finding their way, discovering their own identities and expressing what that means. Pretty brave for a kid to put themselves out there in a photo. I know that as a teenager, I wouldn’t have had that same courage, too afraid of what others might say.
We are lucky to be able to create these memories now. When thinking back to my high school days, I would give anything for a picture with my mom at the county fair or a picture of me and my best friend at the Rolling Stones concert. 

No matter what tomorrow brings, my kid will always have the memories we create and pictures to go with it.


3 thoughts on “In Defense Of Selfie Culture

      1. No worries, I’ve had a lot going on as well. I’ve been catching up over the past month and a half or so because I hadn’t been blogging much.

        I’m hoping that my health/med issues are finally resolved to the point where I can get back to blogging and writing regularly again. I was on a good roll for the first half of the year.

        I hope all your stuff is taken care of. Xoxoxo

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