Thirteen isn’t easy.

Thirteen is awkward and gangly.  It’s tripping over your feet because they’ve grown another size overnight, or wearing shorts because pants that were too long yesterday are high water today. 

Thirteen is finding your voice and stating your opinions which may be different from your parents for the first time. It’s also losing your voice and having it crack when introducing yourself to strangers.

Thirteen is standing up for yourself and figuring out how to stand up for others.  It’s learning the dance on when to be kind and when to tease and how to do both at the same time. 

Thirteen is forgetting your homework and grousing about chores. It’s having your parents say stop making those nonsense noises and then pestering you when you say nothing at all. 

Thirteen is when your parents finally have to trust you, letting you succeed or fail on your own, keeping their distance but staying close by. 

No, thirteen isn’t easy but it is your first step to become the man you will be.


2 thoughts on “Thirteen

    1. The car is the place where he suddenly will talk to me about important stuff going on with him. Or obsessively sing songs on the radio, replacing words with our dog’s name. Never sure what I’m going to get.


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