A to Z Challenge: Wrap Up and Reflections

This was the first year that I completed the A to Z Blog Challenge on my own (after participating as a contributor at Write On Mamas for two years).  While I struggled at the very end to keep up, it was a great ride. My theme on Twin Cities Love, pushed me to think about my new home, combining photographs I had taken of the area with my personal stories. As my blog name reflects, I am putting down new roots in Minnesota with my family and the last two years have been exciting and nerve wracking.

Best part about the challenge? Blog hopping and checking out what so many talented writers published for the challenge. Here are a few bloggers that I enjoyed visiting and who always had great comments:

Lorrie at Shrinkwrapped

Eva at Lilicasplace

Fannie at Fannie Frankfurter

Joy at Telling It Like It Is

Darcy at YadaDarcyYada

Can’t wait to read more from them and the others I follow! If you can recommend any other challenges during the year, please let me know.


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