Y is for Yarns and Storytelling

When I tell people that I write, there are suddenly all these expectations. Is the grammar perfect, are there any misspellings, is the verb usage consistent, did I end a sentence with a preposition? Don’t get me wrong, I love words and debating Strunk & White rules but sometimes I just want to tell a story.

Writing isn’t always about pristine and well executed words and punctuation. The heart of writing is about telling a good story that will inform, move or entertain the audience.

Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) is all about stories of family and motherhood.  I first became aware of the live show when we lived in the Bay Area, and I joined a writing group called Write On Mamas (WOM).  About a year after we moved to the Twin Cities, I saw a notice for LTYM auditions here and thought, why not?  Now after two rehearsals with the cast, I realize how special this show will be, with each cast member bringing a unique perspective on what is means to be a mother.

LTYM 2015 kicked off this week with shows in 39 cities, and proceeds support local charities like The Jeremiah Project in Minneapolis.

Please join us for the Twin Cities show on May 7th at 7 pm at the Riverview Theatre for a great evening of storytelling.  


4 thoughts on “Y is for Yarns and Storytelling

    1. Thanks! I recently moved to the Minneapolis area from California so Mpls Transplant is a take on that big change. My husband and his family are locals but I’m still getting to know the area, which is why I tried to highlight things I discovered about the Twin Cities in my A to Z blogs. Will definitely check out your blog!


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