U is for Uptown

Whatever was happening at the time happened in Uptown. 70s counterculture, 80s punk, 90s grunge, 00s goth and now the current stylings of 10s lumbersexuality (or as City Pages calls it the love child of metrosexual and hipster).  

My husband tells me the history of this neighborhood as we grab breakfast at the Uptown Diner, munching down on kamikaze French toast and caprese benedict. He says that Uptown is a weak facsimile of what it used to be which leads me to tease that he is becoming the very definition of a hipster, expressing his disdain and nostalgia all at once. This stupid joke cracks both of us up because my husband is about as far from a hipster as Minneapolis is from Miami.

When he was young, he lived in Uptown working at Sebastian Joes’s and enjoying single life in the city.  Now that he is more mature (dare I say old?), we enjoy more relaxed activities in the neighborhood like the Uptown Art Festival, which is held the first week in August. The weather is perfect that time of year for a lazy morning walk among some terrific local and national artists on display.

As we finish sipping our coffee at the diner, I spy a woman with sea foam colored hair sitting across from us and wonder how she gets it to stay that perfect shade of green. Our waiter walks up with the bill and I do a discreet double take because he is wearing a kilt.  It’s bold fashion choice but he seems to pull it off without effort.

As we leave, I realize that Uptown is much cooler than I will ever be when it comes to style, art or culture, but it sure is a blast to visit.

(Note: I love including links to articles and websites but using a mobile device to upload these posts is limiting me to one-word hyperlinks.  Sorry for the wonkiness!)


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