T is for the Twins and Target Field

I love baseball. Actually, I’m obsessed with it. 

To provide full disclosure, I’m the annoying friend on social media who tweets and posts so much during the post season that even my good friends are like, “we get it, we get it, now shut up about it.”  When my team make the playoffs, everyone feels my joy and pain. 

While some find the slow pace of a baseball game boring, I enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s because I’m a multi-tasker.  While the game plays on the screen, I’m reading, working on my laptop or mindlessly folding towels. The relaxed pace also lends itself to conversations with other people while you watch, no need to yell over the crowd or be so intensely focused that you will miss the action. People fall into a easy camaraderie with baseball, even those rooting for different teams.

That sense of community is why there is something special about seeing a baseball game live. 

Last year I was invited by two colleagues to my first Twins game at Target Field.  At first, I felt a little disloyal to my old team, the San Francisco Giants, but realized the two teams don’t play in the same league so I can have a favorite AL team as well as an NL team.  While the Twins have struggled the past few years, the game was packed and the crowd was congenial. Built in 2010, Target Field is one of those beautiful contemporary ballparks, from the lively Budweiser rooftop deck to the “Knotholes” where fans can walk up and watch the game for free.  

There isn’t a better place to spend the afternoon in Minneapolis, sipping craft beer and soaking up the sun.


2 thoughts on “T is for the Twins and Target Field

  1. We’re a baseball family. Four of my five boys played in high school, my daughter played softball and my husband was the high school baseball coach. Now that he’s retired, one of my sons is coaching. We love baseball.

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