Q is for Quality of Life

When we decided to move to Minnesota, relocating our jobs, our son and our lives, it was based on fiscally responsible arguments.  My husband and I had long logical discussions about retirement plans, potential job loss, better school districts and less stress in our lives.  

What ended up as the most important reason is family.

We started thinking about moving in earnest three years ago.  Housing prices in the San Francisco Bay Area are outrageous, and the pressure from leveraging yourself so much financially just to be in a home is enough to turn coal into diamonds.

Part of the upside to a potential move was that my husband’s family would all be in the area and it would nice to be around them more from his 100-year-old grandma to our 5-year-old niece.  

I was a little concerned about proximity.  I hadn’t lived near family in a while and even then it was an hour’s distance so get togethers were planned well in advance.  What would it be like when everyone was only 20 minutes away?

What started as concern is now a big part of our better quality of life here.  I look forward to seeing everyone and having family gatherings at our house.  It makes my heart full when our 12 year old asks whether we can invite grandma over that night for dinner or when we will see grandpa next, and I always look forward to going out with my in-laws whether to the movies or drinks or brunch.

Family is the most important reason that I love the Twin Cities.


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