P is for The Purple One

I fell in love with Prince long before I moved to Minneapolis.  When the movie Purple Rain came out in theaters, my best friend and I were blown away by the music. We were classic rock fans who dabbled in old Motown and new wave, so Prince with his funky guitars and falsetto voice was a bit of an eccentric detour for us when the album 1999 came out.  After seeing Purple Rain, we became crazy devotees and bought every album that we could lay our hands on.

It wasn’t until I was dating my husband that I realized what a well-respected icon he was in the Twin Cities, from his early appearances at First Avenue to his $10 million dollar Paisley Park recording complex built in the western suburb of Chanhassen. 

I fell in love with Prince a second time when I saw him perform live at the Oakland Arena about ten years ago. Because his recorded music is so precise and complicated, I was not expecting a great concert. Some artists who are great in the studio can’t translate the magic into live shows.  Was I ever wrong. Hands down, it was my favorite concert because he gives 100% as a performer on the stage, his band is tight in both music and choreography, and when he sang an acoustic set by himself, it gave me goosebumps.

You can check out his biography at The Roll And Roll Hall of Fame Museum website, and his extensive discography ranging from 1978 to 2014.


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