L is for Lakes

What else could the letter L stand for in Minnesota?  Land of 10,000 lakes. I knew of that name before I moved here.  What I didn’t understand was how pervasive lakes were to the culture here.  

To those who grow up here, it is a seamless part of the beautiful landscape and an inherent part of life.  You go fishing, boating, skating, skiing on the lake.  You head to the lake for the weekend, for vacation, for the summer.  There are so many here that I forgot that I need to ask which one they mean in these conversations.

I grew up in a place where the lake was a man-made reservoir. Yes, it served its purpose and might provide an enjoyable afternoon but it wasn’t alive like a lake is, with its dark grey-blue colors that constantly lighten and darken in the sun, or the plant and animal life just below the surface that you can feel on the bottom of your feet when you jump in to swim, or that mineral smell that is both soothing and disturbing as you stand on the shore or drift in your boat.

Lakes may be common here but they will always be a thing of mystery and beauty to me.


4 thoughts on “L is for Lakes

  1. We have a lot of lakes/creeks where I live, but nothing like your area of the country. Water is perfect when you have dogs who love water and we’re excited that the weather is warming up, because we’ll be able to return to the beach soon.

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