K is for Kieran’s 

This is the time of year when patio bars in Minneapolis begin to fill. Longer days with warmer temperatures bring us out of hibernation.  

Kieran’s Irish Pub is a favorite gathering spot in downtown. Last time I went to Kieran’s was before a weeknight Twins game. Sitting on the large outdoor patio with a small group of work colleagues, I was amazed at the mix of people.  Some like us were in business suits or dresses obviously happy to make our break away from the office before heading home.  Others were Twin fans in their navy and red tshirts and caps, making a pit stop before heading to Target Field less than two blocks away. A third set of customers looked to be construction workers from one of the many work sites nearby as Minneapolis continues its ongoing skyline expansion.

All so different but perfectly content to sit for awhile under the sun, having a friendly drink and appreciating that spring had finally arrived.

Kieran’s may be going through a renovation right now (it is still open but they are working on the patio) but there are so many patio or rooftop bars to enjoy in the city from the smallest establishments with only a few tables precariously hugging the curbside to the expansive Brit’s with its lawn bowling and outdoor movies.

It isn’t so much about where you go, but about being outside and part of the community again. Get out and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “K is for Kieran’s 

  1. I can imagine this scene from many books I have read, but I’ve never really been a part of a bar “where everybody knows [my] name.” It sounds delightful, but doesn’t feel very accessible to me since it’s not something I have ever done. I enjoyed your post though.

    from clearingspace4joy.wordpress.com

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