J is for Juicy Lucy

When I asked for help choosing a Twin Cities blog topic starting with J, the overwhelming response was “Juicy Lucy”.

This gooey goodness of a hamburger is easily identified as a born-and-bred Minnesota dish, and is listed by Thrillist as one of the 13 “Only In Minnesota” foods.  

The Juicy Lucy has American cheese inside of a ground beef patty which is then topped with cheese.  When you bite into it, you get a molten mess that just pours out of the middle.  Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis is credited with its creation and the location became famous for a 2014 visit from President Barack Obama.

While cheese is one of my four main food groups (along with chocolate, bread and alcohol), sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much.  Give me hot dish any day over a Juicy Lucy.  Is this tater tot casserole any better for you than a cheese-laden burger? Absolutely not, but boy does it hit all my buttons for fantastic comfort food.  Cooking Channel has a classic hot dish recipe on its website, but I laugh at the author’s ingredients which includes “frozen shredded potato nuggets”.  Buddy, they are just tater tots.

Be warned.  If you are tempted to google Juicy Lucy, you get a weird mix of pictures of dripping hamburgers and 70s style food erotica posters.  A little odd and a lot disturbing. Wish someone would have warned me first.


5 thoughts on “J is for Juicy Lucy

  1. Sounds delish, Paula–as does the potato “nugget” casserole ! (No doubt Tater Tots are trademarked). And since I seem to be allergic to wishing anyone a happy birthday on a FB timeline, let me do it here! Many happy returns, of birthdays and of blogging!



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