G is for Gutterball

When I was in junior high, I had a 165 bowling average.  Others might be embarrassed by that fact but I wear it as a badge of honor.  In fact, there is a trophy and patch in one of our storage boxes that attests to me having the best average for a girl in our Saturday morning league, and another that celebrates my season high game of 289.  Almost perfect.

My husband took me bowling on one of our first dates and we talked about our Midwest roots, with a love of the game as one of our many commonalities.  My dad was an amazing bowler and he would take me to the lanes with him to watch on Thursday nights. The sounds of a bowling alley – the ball hitting the boards, the rhythmic thrum as it rolls along, followed by the collision of the pins – might not be appealing to everyone but it always makes me think of Dad and the time we spent together every week.

That’s why when my husband asked what I wanted to do for my birthday this year I said bowling and karaoke.  Glamorous, I know, but it should be a blast.

Like all great Midwest cities, Minneapolis has some terrific bowling alleys as described in this Star-Tribune article. Most of them are tied to breweries, restaurants or even dive bars.  What could be better for a fun evening out?


11 thoughts on “G is for Gutterball

  1. Hello, fellow Midwesterner! I was born in Madison, raised in Illinois and now live in Missouri. Wisconsin is full of bowling alleys. I miss the one right by our house on the Rock River. They used to price games in the summer according to the temp. 72 degrees meant 72 cents per game:)


    1. The pricing according to temp is genius! Glad to hear from another Midwesterner. I was born in MO then lived later in CO with lots of family still in MO and KS. My husband’s family all hails from MN and IA.


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