F is for Fair

When we planned our first family trip to Minnesota 15 years ago, my husband was bummed because we would miss the State Fair. Growing up in rural Colorado, I had been to my share of county fairs in my lifetime and reassured him that it was no big deal.

“No, you don’t understand. This is the Minnesota State Fair.”  As if that statement made it self-evident as to what I was missing.

Ending on Labor Day each year, Minnesota is the biggest state fair with average daily attendance of around 250,000 people.  That boggles my mind, coming from a town of less than 10,000.  When we finally went as a family for the first time three years ago, I was overwhelmed by the crowds.

What are my three favorite things about the fair?

1) Fried Snickers (or insert name of your favorite candy bar). Sounds disgusting at first but you realize after the first bite that it is actually crack on a stick.

2) Chickens. Walking between row upon row of the chickens at the livestock pavilion, I became lost in my unhealthy obsession with all manner of chickens.  My husband and son called out to me several times when they were ready to leave.  “But honey, look at the Ameraucanas… and they lay blue eggs….”  I almost have my husband convinced to buy one of those backyard, gentleman farmer chicken coops. We are down to negotiations about who would clean it, but hey, that’s why you have teenagers.

3) Spam Castle.  We walked into this structure and there was a throne made of Spam cans.  Our son said “Wow, Spam” in this awed voice. That memory still makes us laugh and I look for this every time we go.

These family memories are worth spending an afternoon full of dust and crowds.


11 thoughts on “F is for Fair

  1. That’s cute about the Spam.

    It seems like more and more people are getting pet chickens; one of my co-workers even found sweaters for hers for the cold weather. Blue eggs would be pretty. Are they supposed to taste different, or just look different?


  2. 1. I’ve always wanted to try a fried Snickers
    2. My brain froze at 250,000 per day – my dream is to get that type of traffic in a MONTH. WOW!!!!

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  3. I’m not likely to eat a fried anything, I’ve never even had candy floss… I don’t have much sugar in my diet and I think after a while your body adjusts! I come from an English village of about 800 so would probably be completely pole-axed by those numbers of people! One day we hope to go to America, so perhaps, then… we have been to Canada, British Columbia, and loved it. ~Liz http://www.lizbrownlepoet.com

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  4. I’ve only been to the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” as it’s called once or twice, when I was pretty young. But just reading your article, I can hear the radio ads, with all the “On a stick!” bits. Definitely a part of Minnesota culture, if an odd one.

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  5. I have longed to go to the Minnesota State Fair for several years now. All the “food” on a stick, Spam, and the maid sculpted in butter — what’s not to love. While there, I want to stop by the potted meat museum. So glad you had a lovely time and hope you return often.

    BTW: I’ve had green eggs. They are richer, more custardy than brown or white eggs. Perhaps blue eggs will be similar.

    Visiting from A to Z,
    Drusilla Barron


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