C is for Coffee

Moving here from San Francisco and having lived near Seattle, I admit that I’m a coffee snob and caffeine addict. To say I’m picky and a pain in the ass when it comes to good coffee is an understatement as witnessed by family and colleagues. Burn my coffee and you have made an enemy for life.

My husband lived in Minneapolis before and kept reassuring me that I would love Caribou Coffee.

Yes, I know that it is not the coolest coffee shop in town.  You probably thought I would mention some indie coffee shop squirrelled away in a cutting-edge neighborhood and not some chain store, but let me tell you why my love of Caribou goes far beyond the good coffee and reflects on the genuine people of this town.

They know my name. Now I am not naive. I know that they probably pull it up on the register when I pay for my drink, but it lights me up like Pavlov’s dogs to hear someone say my name (and not call me Karla by mistake, thank you Starbucks! or coolly ignore me, thank you Peets!)

They chat me up. At my downtown store, the barista calls out to me from behind the counter and asks how my day is or what my plans are for the weekend. Each of them remember that I travel a lot on business and ask me where I was off to last week, offering comments of people they know in the area or places they visited in that city. It may be good customer service encouraged by the store management, but damn if I don’t feel like these people are my friends.

Did I mention the daily trivia questions? God, I’m such a nerd that I try to answer every time, practically bouncing in line with my hand raised, “oooh, oooh, I know this one!”  The cashier gives me my 10 cent discount with a smile because she knows me.

As I leave the store, I turn around and wave to the baristas, telling them to have a great day with a big smile on my face. That never happened to me at Peets or Starbucks.

What is your favorite coffee shop in the Twin Cities?


8 thoughts on “C is for Coffee

  1. Hi, I am one of Lisa’s Live Wires and helping with the Challenge. I too love Caribou coffee and my favorite is Obsidian, but the K Cups can’t compare to grinding your own and waiting for it to drip through the coffee maker. I live in Boston and we don’t have the Caribou coffee shop…only DD and Starbucks and neither are my favorite. I look forward to reading more of your posts…have a cup of Caribou for me, please!

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    1. Can’t believe I missed your comment the first time! A to Z challenge was a lot of fun. So many blogs that I may have to go back through the list and check them out after the fact. Heading to Caribou now! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hey, Paula, great to see you! My “C” word is also about coffee (though about a widely derided chain). And Comforts–remember Comforts in San Anselmo?–is my favorite cafe, where I go every day for a latte and to read the paper. Like you, I love it that they know my name, know my order. My fantasy job is to work there, but then I realize that it would be vastly different on the other side of the counter. I think I will stick with my day job and my side of the counter. Sounds like your transplant has been a huge success. But I think you were nice already.

    Come visit me at http://shrinkrapped.com/


  3. I’m a coffee-holic and a proud one. I’ve had to cut down a bit for health reasons, but I love it just the same. 🙂 I’m visiting from the A-Z Challenge and I look forward to checking out more of your posts. Have a great weekend! Eva

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  4. C is for coffee, no matter what city you live in 😉

    I haven’t been to Minnesota yet, but my fellow Swiss citizen Nino Niederreiter lives and works there. You do know him, right? RIGHT?
    Your favorite coffee store sounds great. It’s all about the personal connection.

    Cheers from a fellow A-Z blogger


    1. I agree 100%! Great to hear from someone in Switzerland. I’m a quarter Swiss with family that still lives in Wasterkingen. Too bad I don’t know Nino. I’ll keep an eye out for him :). Good luck with A-Z and I’ll stop by later.


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