Baseball vs Politics

Some of my friends don’t get my obsession with the San Francisco Giants.  Why talk baseball when there is an important presidential election this year?  When there are so many critical issues at stake, why not put your energy behind those?  To me, the choice is clear:

    • In baseball, two teams compete and play their best. One team always wins, one team always loses. In an election, two sides rip at each other for the better part of a year, tell half truths, and then both declare themselves winners. This year’s presidential race is looking to be a rat’s nest of a close finish with lawsuits on the horizon.  Between that and a best-of-seven series, I choose baseball.
    • In baseball, 25 guys work together as a team for one common goal. It’s a cliche but watching the pair of double plays in last night’s Game 3 highlights show what teamwork can accomplish.  In politics, there is no team. Candidates say what they need to get elected by their parties and then do whatever they need to keep their office.  And working towards a common goal? Forgot about it.  
  • I love my Giants.  I have friends that love the Tigers or the Cards (or God forbid the Dodgers).  We can debate the better team and then go out for drinks and dinner.   Try telling people that you are a registered independent and people will try to convert you to their side, Democrat or Republican, as if their soul and yours depend on it.  When talking politics, something must be wrong with you if you don’t agree with me.

I sound naive about baseball and jaded on politics, right?  There are plenty of unethical things in sports (hello, Melky Cabrera?) but when I see the Giants out on the field, working hard, working together, it makes me proud to be a fan.

Go Giants!  Sweep the Tigers! 



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